Friday, May 16, 2014

New blog

I created a new blog after we were married... Just now revisited the blogging world... I don't really have that many interesting things to blog about right now but I have one anyways...

Our lives consist of:
-David's pharmacy school
-Wind... Lots and lots of wind... oh and dirt.
-Living in a very lonely town, way to far from family
-Watching Netflix
-Trying to exercise - just bought mountain bikes!
-Weight Watchers - which I need to do better at!
-Facetime with family.
-Longing for summer and holidays

That pretty much sums up our lives for the last two years and the next three years..

Saturday, May 26, 2012

One week to go...

Some last week thoughts....

I am not sure how it is suppose to feel one week before your wedding, but it sure doesn't feel like it is exactly one week from today. Perhaps I don't feel it is that close because I still have to work.. I have to work until 11:15 on June 1 (Rehearsal Day!) and then I am leaving and the wedding festivities can officially begin!

David is down for good which is great because with this being the last week before the wedding AND the last week of school comes a LOT of stress and at least he can hear about it in person and not over Skype.

We got out marriage license yesterday! I had off of school due to a bad weather day and we didn't miss any school this year due to bad weather. It was perfect timing because we had several wedding errands to run, first stop being marriage license place. So, we have the license and now we can get married.

I am looking forward to the honeymoon in San Antonio.. I am especially looking forward to sleeping... When school is out I love being about to sleep.. This year has been busy with school and wedding planning stuff so I am ready to just relax.. Which is why we are perfectly fine going to San Antonio.. We don't have to spend all day long touring if we don't want to.. We can just relax! Perfect way to start the extremely busy summer!

I wonder how it is going to feel the day of the wedding.. I wonder if it will hit me.. I wonder WHEN it will hit me that I'm getting married. It is surreal. Maybe when I am on my way down the aisle?? I don't know..

I hope I can step back and soak up every moment of Friday and Saturday because it will go by so fast.. The day we have been planning since July last year.. and the day I am been looking forward to since.. well, since I was a little girl.. My wedding day.. Just one week away..

I am really looking forward to the wedding.. and I am really really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One month to go!!!

Wow. Can this really be happening? Can the wedding be only a month away. All big things are done... now we just have to finalize the little details and bring it all together. It is so surreal. I am not sure when it will really hit me.. Perhaps at rehearsal? Or the morning of? Taking pictures before the ceremony? Walking down the aisle? Who knows.. But I hope that when the day before and the day of comes, I hope that I can take it all in.. soak it all up.. so that I can remember every detail of those days.. :D ONE MONTH!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

7 Weeks... OR... 46 Days!

Oh it is so close! And we are so ready for June 2 to be here!

Bridal pictures were great! It makes me laugh because so many things went "wrong" on bridal picture day.

First, the picture bouquet we ordered was suppose to look similar to the one I will have on the wedding day but smaller. We even gave them a picture and a description. When we went to pick it up they had forgotten about it and they had no bouquet at all. SO, they had to make a bouquet right there and used pink roses instead of white. Sigh. And it just overall did not look anything like my wedding bouquet. But oh well. I figured we were taking pictures at the Botanical Gardens which is pretty enough itself that wrong flowers won't make it that bad.

Second, we got to the hair place and Nikki (the owner of N Salon and the one doing my hair) started trying out different styles. I had in mind what I wanted but she wanted me to see several different styles just to see. I liked some of them but I am a traditional type of girl and I know what I like so I told her I will just stick with the one I was thinking of from the beginning.. Here is where it went wrong.. When I made the appointment for that day I know for sure I told them I was taking my bridal pictures that day. But through conversation I restated I was taking pictures that afternoon and Nikki said she had no idea I was taking pictures! So she ended up doing my hair a little better after hearing that so it wouldn't fall. Plus, on top of that I told them I had made an appointment to get my makeup done and they didn't know that either! (Again, I KNOW I mentioned I was taking my pictures that day!) Since I was planning on getting my makeup done there I did not bring my makeup with me.. Yeah. I began to panic a little when they tell me the makeup artist was there at work but did not have her makeup kit with her! Oh my goodness. This kinda of stuff can NOT happen on June 2!! But they worked it out and was able to use the makeup kit from the spa below the salon and I was able to get my makeup done. Thank goodness!

Third, oh my goodness it was HOT. Pictures outdoors. In gardens. Equals BUGS!! Holding still and trying to smile is torcher when you are getting eating alive by bugs.

However, with the things that went wrong, the day was still amazing and I had a blast. I am so happy my mom and Heather were able to be there with me that day. I told them maybe all these things had to happen this time so absolutely NOTHING will go wrong the day of the wedding!


I want June 2 to be here.. The day is going to be amazing.. Now we need people to send back their RSVPs.. Compile some songs for the DJ. Give a general head count to the hotel. I am working on bridesmaids gifts. AND make programs! So much to do.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

64 days left

We are coming close to being only 2 months away! We have already had three wonderful showers and two more towards the end of April! Last week I got my dress back from alterations and it is perfect and nothing else needs to be done... With the dress done I was able to stick to our scheduled day for Bridal pictures which is NEXT Thursday! We (mom, Heather, *Cooper, and I) are planning to get pedicures that morning - yay! Then getting hair and makeup done.. Then off to Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin for the Bridal pictures! Can't wait. I am praying for beautiful sunny weather. Exciting time. Looking forward to seeing these pictures... and spending a day with two of my favorite ladies, and Cooper too!

I think I have been to the Botanical Gardens but I googled some pictures... It looks mighty pretty!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bridesmaids Day!

Started our Bridesmaids Day with lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

Then we went to David's Bridal and the girls tried on many dresses.. They looked beautiful in so many, but the winner was this one! Can't wait until June 2 to see all my beautiful girls all dressed up! :D

The MOB and AOB! Love them both!

Dress up time! Fun fun!

Pretty flower girl! She was having a blast and I am so happy she came to girls day with us!